Q) How does our organization determine what products and providers best represent our benefits strategy?

An ABC consultant meets with you and your associates to design a customized program based on your feedback and our knowledge of the marketplace. Our objective is to closely emulate your company’s mission, culture and values.

Q) Once we formulate a strategy, what are the next steps ?

ABC will develop a customized Request For Proposal and, subject to your approval, send it to the best-in-class providers representing the products selected.

Q) How long does it take to introduce a program once we have chosen the products and providers?

We will meet with you to develop a timetable that will take into consideration your needs and the work required to accomplish a smooth and cohesive introduction of your program. The majority of time is spent on establishing a payroll interface and web-based solutions; developing communications and a marketing strategy; and implementing the quality controls needed to ensure a highly successful program.

Q) What responsibilities will my organization have after the program is installed?

Based on our proactive role as your employee and employer advocate, we are confident that your role is limited to approving periodic communication materials and supporting the payroll deduction process. Our objective is to insulate your organization from the day-to-day administration by serving as an extension of your HR/Benefits operation. We will gladly share with you corporate references to validate our successes in this area.

Q) What if we receive a complaint from one of our employees?

We ask that you refer this to our account manager who will work with the insurer and employee to ensure that the matter is resolved quickly and expeditiously. Our experience has shown that our programs have low complaint ratios; however, when they do surface, we are there to take ownership of the process and represent the interests of your employee.

Q) How does ABC monitor the program and how often do we receive information on the results?

ABC assumes an active role in monitoring and measuring the performance of the programs with our quest for quality being a high priority. We establish quality controls on each function that affects the employee experience. We would review these with the insurers and make appropriate adjustments where needed. We provide stewardship and progress reports on a quarterly basis.