heading_bulletCORBY ALFRED

Vice President – Business Development

Corby joined ABC in February of 2021 and is responsible for business development across several of the firm’s practices including Group Life/Disability, International, and Executive Benefits. Prior to joining ABC, Corby was a 16-year veteran and partner at Beneplace, Inc. where he focused on end-to-end voluntary benefit solutions for large market clientele. In 2017, Corby took on executive responsibilities and was charged with leading the insurance brokerage division of the firm; he managed the Accounts Team, Channel Partnership Strategy, Insurance Product Portfolio, Carrier Relationships and Client Enrollment Technology/Communication Strategies. In 2019 Beneplace was sold to Entertainment Benefits Group (EBG). Corby continued his career with EBG until joining ABC.

Corby has an undergraduate degree in Corporate Communications/Business from The University of Texas at Austin and a MBA from Sam Houston State University.