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Services Overview

ABC is able to deliver the highest quality results because our Consultants have a unique blend of expertise and experience. Prior to joining ABC, members of our firm have significant experience leading compensation and benefits functions for well-known, large corporations, as well as substantial insurer experience in product development and marketing, pricing and account management.

Our actuaries and underwriters are able to re-engineer the most complex insurance products and financial arrangements. This allows us to determine where cost efficiencies exist and when design changes would be most beneficial to our clients. We have the proven knowledge and ability to utilize marketplace dynamics to our client’s benefit. Finally, we have the experience that helps us best understand the impact of our recommendations and how to deliver those results.

For a large number of our clients, we perform a variety of different services, typically covering several disciplines. In almost all cases, we become a valued advisor and consultant and are often called upon to perform new services after having delivered superior results in the past. Our goal is to become an extension of our client’s staff and trusted partner rather than simply a consultant or insurance broker.

American Benefits has an extensive track record and deep experience in Group Insurance, Voluntary Benefits, Executive Benefits, Captive Reinsurance, International Expatriate Benefits.